As a builders daughter growing up in the far north Queensland dirt, a 'designer' is not something I had anticipated to become. I had rather dreamt of leaving school when I was 16 to become a builder myself however, as they say, life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get!" 

I met my husband in a contract mustering camp not too far from home and almost 10 years later having moved our way through Northern Territory and Western Australia contract mustering with our own team and with 2 little cherubs on the hip, my creative side was yearning for some much needed attention so when the time was right, that is what I focused on. 

Spinifex & Co is a one women show (except for the three men in this photo who share me with my little business so supportively).  I model (much to my disgust), photograph and send all my parcels (usually at 12am) with love!  

To all my customers, I would not be here without your support and I want you to know just how much every single little package I send off makes my heart sing.  

Forever grateful