After 10 years of living in a caravan and working our way around beautiful rural Australia, my husband and I, along with our two little cherubs finally settled, and the Spinifex and Co journey began.

Having grown up on remote properties, I know what it is like as a woman to live hundreds of kilometers from your nearest town. Spinifex and Co is about bridging the gap for rural women to access beautiful clothing.

We love being a rural brand and believe there is no one more resilient than ladies on the land. We love getting our hands dirty and working alongside our husbands, but we also like having the chance to hang up our work shirts and ripped jeans and wear something that makes us feel good.

We have a huge love for linen and simple designs with just the right amount of creative flare.

Spinifex & Co is a one women show (except for my husband and kids who share me with my little business so supportively).  I model (much to my disgust), photograph and send all my parcels (usually at 12am) with love!  

To all my customers, I would not be here without your support and I want you to know just how much every single little package I send off makes my heart sing.  

Forever grateful