Creator:  Kayde Lehman

Skill: A professional hermit who hates shopping but sometimes feels the urge to leave the house looking nice.

Ethos:  Make life as simple, stylish and affordable as possible by creating small batch, hand designed pieces to shop exclusively online.

The Idea:  Originally, as a rural gal myself, Spinifex and Co thrived on providing other rural women with a one-stop online shopping experience.  Somewhere they could go to shop unique, non "cookie cutter" pieces for any event when they couldn't access shops physically.  What I have come to realise is, some people (me, I am people) actually hate physically shopping.  Sometimes because it's too hard (hello motherhood) and sometimes because they would quite literally like to spend their time doing ANYTHING ELSE (hello quiet coffee and beach swims).  As a result, I have dedicated my time to creating designs for all occasions so that you can be event ready without having to leave the house!  We also pride ourselves on not charging you an arm and a leg while doing it!

Kayde xx

Founder and wearer of too many hats

black and white photo of party girl with linen outfit for new years outfit australian designed