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“We can’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia when we come across a beautiful vintage piece.  The look, the feel and the smell….how good is the smell”.


Photo: Dundas Vintage Market Place

When sisters Bec and Em naturally progressed towards turning their passion into a business, Dundas Vintage Market was born.  A bespoke celebration of pre-loved vintage wares in a world of mass-produced cookie cutter items. Here is their story……


Nestled in the foothills of a small mountain range in Victoria, “Woolbrook Farm” lent itself as a place of adventure and creativity for Bec and Em growing up.  A modest sheep farm that sat proudly admiring the mountain ranges highest peak, Mt. Dundas, a peak that not only lends itself as part of their new business name, but as a holder of many cherished childhood memories and adventures.

With every bang of the fly screen door the girls found themselves outside and immersed in the traditional country childhood playground.  From yabbying to horse riding to raiding the tucker box in the busy sheep yards, Bec and Em would find themselves returning home each evening to bathe their skinned knees and gardening hands in Dettol.

They were raised in a house where you mended things, utilised what you had and seeked out the “treasures” that hid amongst others “trash”.  Clearing sales with their dad often led to hours tracing through boxes of old books and other relics, a pastime that they enjoy with their own children today.


Photo: A styled shoot by Dundas for their first collection

Their eye for detail and interior style has been profoundly moulded by their childhood surrounds and memories.  A style that cannot be taught but has rather been ingrained through experiences.  Experiences that have trained them to appreciate the old over the new and stories behind each and every piece.

Photo: A piece from their first collection


Surrounded by a family of creative businesswomen, Bec and Em found it only natural to head down the same path.  From sewing and painting to flower growing, knitting and crafting, Dundas Vintage Market is a nod to their childhood days spent in their Mum and Nan’s garden and craft shop and searching for treasures on weekends drives.


With their childhood experiences tying them together the sisters seldom find things to disagree on although, they have had to call on their Mum for a third opinion and as their biggest supporter, her opinion has a heavy sway on the final decision. 


They relish the one on one time together that Dundas has creative with weekends away sourcing, bouncing ideas and connecting over their newly found creative outlet, something that rarely happens now days with 5 children between them.


Their first collection was well received and Bec and Em are looking forward to sourcing, styling and releasing their next rare finds.  Something that they do often with their kids in tow.

New collection coming soon but for now, head over to their Instagram page and swoon over their beautiful images and style.

Photo: A snippet from their Instagram 

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  • Lisa addinsall

    Lovely story. So proud of my two gorgeous girls. 💗

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