We are spilling the beans on our next 3 moves!


From my crazy little family to yours WELCOME BACK!!!

Firstly, I just want to say a huge thankyou to every single one of you tagging along on this little ole journey with me.

To those who have been here from the start, I know it has taken some twists and turns along the way, but your loyalty has kept me going and continues to keep me here, for that I am so grateful xoxo


It was a Monday arvo, I stepped back in silence expecting to feel rather proud and relieved at the bulging shelves now packed full to the brim with the brand spanking new designs I had been working endlessly on in a store we could now call our own.

Instead, my heart sank. Completely exhausted, overwhelmed and feeling so un-authentic and un-aligned.

I had been so, so busy growing this beautiful business that I had lost sight of why I was even showing up for it.

I finished unpacking the last box onto the shelf, spun on my heel and walked out of the room completely deflated, knowing this uncomfortable feeling was going to force me into some changes.....

The Easter holidays were my window of opportunity to explore the shift I was being forced into and so, it was spent not only doing all of the things our family love to do, but also the things I knew would bring me some clarity.


Long solo walks into the sunset, drinking wine with sisters on river banks and cooking on the fire all led me to the exciting new changes we have made.



Well, there you have it...the beans have been spilt.

We are so excited for this all to unfold, thanks for sticking around!

Kayde xo

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